Indigo Dog
75012  Paris
N°TVA : FR61819296807

Dog training in Paris

These game-based training sessions allow you to better manage your dog on a daily basis, to create a unique relationship and to exercise your dog mentally and physically.. Follow my Instagram account to discover my work!

A high-level training... through play!

Transform your daily life with your dog by teaching him to:

Basic training
  • Feel good in its environnement
  • Put a harness on
  • Focus on handler
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Follow unleashed
  • Stop an unwanted behavior
  • Emergency recall
  • Go to a dogbed and relax
  • Down
  • Hold a position
  • Wait for a release cue
  • Leave temptations
  • Greeting visitors calmly
  • Heelwork without a leash
  • Stop at the pedestrian crossing
  • Walk calmly on a loose leash while crossing other dogs
Cooperative care
  • Cooperate in vet care and grooming, handling, claw trimming, teeth brushing...
  • Go into a crate
  • Put a muzzle on
  • Practice agility at hometunnel, hoop
  • Sit
  • Give paw and "high five"
  • Walk backwards
  • Play dead
  • Sit pretty
  • Roll over
  • Leg weaves
  • Bow
  • Ring a bell
  • Stand between your legs
  • Jump in your arms
  • Do a flip against you
  • Close a door or drawer
  • Return items
  • Tidy up his/her toys
  • Catch a frisbee
  • Skateboard
  • Press a talking board
  • Start canicross
  • Know everything about clicker training
  • Get ready for beauty contests
  • Proprioception / Canine fitness
  • Detect an scent / Nosework
  • Be a service dog
  • Be prepared for a shooting (movie, photos, show...)

Dog dancing is a series of tricks to music.

How it works ?

After a first session at your home, the training sessions last 1h and take place at home or outside depending on your project. See rates.

I use training techniques with food rewards and toys to unlock your dog's full potential. Contact your dog trainer for a first session at your home!

Clicker training

Indigo Dog offers clicker sessions for dogs, cats, rabbits, rats...! It is a positive education method that is 100% fun, very motivating for the animal and therefore very effective!

Specialized in clicker training, I teach this technique to students at the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort. I also bring my know-how in clicker to the KDOG project of the Institut Curie - cancer screening by the dog's sense of smell. Follow my Instagram account to discover my work with a cat!

Would you like to entrust me with the education of your dog or puppy? Canine behaviorist, I work in Paris 1st, Paris 2nd, Paris 3rd, Paris 4th, Paris 5th, Paris 6th, Paris 10th, Paris 11th, Paris 12th, Paris 13th, Paris 20th, Saint-Mandé and other districts of Paris. As part of my dog training courses, my priority is the quality of the relationship between the dog and the human.

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